Launren MidgleyLAUREN MIDGLEY, MBA, CFE – is a consultant, trainer, author and professional speaker. She founded Lauren Midgley International which she began in 2010 to focus on Productivity. Prior to starting her own company, Lauren worked for two Fortune 500 companies in sales, marketing and franchise development. She found that whether it was the small business owner or executive or an employee, what mattered was how they used their time effectively to get the desired results.
Lauren is a personal productivity expert, working with high achieving individuals and businesses to accomplish more through proven productivity practices. She believes that it is not about the clock, nor about a new time management technique. Rather, productivity is about engagement, mindset and desire to improve.

In her role as VP of Franchise Development, she saw the franchise owner frustration of losing out on profits due to lack of their productivity and that of their staff. Now as a consultant, she works with clients to connect profitability and productivity for their business, making a difference in actual results.

She holds a MBA from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Arizona State University. In the franchise world, Lauren became certified as a Certified Franchise Executive. She is on the Board of Directors in a Membership Role for North Texas National Speaker Association. As a professional speaker, she has addressed over 350 groups on the topic of Productivity, impacting thousands with her message. She has published three books, with the most recent release of It’s 6 a.m. and I’m Already Behind: Strategies to Get Caught Up.
Lauren lives in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area and has two children in college.
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