Jay Huyler

Jay Huyler brings a level of expertise in the field of communication rarely found in the corporate world.  Thanks to a unique combination of experience – first as a Television Sportscaster for 13 years before moving to Microsoft where he spent 15 years in marketing – he is able to coach corporate executives across a wide breath of communication skills.  Whether it be presentation coaching, media training, or executive coaching, Huyler has developed the ability to take business management to a new level in their communication proficiency. 

Huyler’s TV career was highlighted by 9 years in Miami where he won a regional Emmy award.  He then made the transition to Microsoft where he continued to excel in the field of communication.  For 10 years, he hosted national and global sales conferences, while also coaching numerous Microsoft executives on their presentation skills. His vast experience in this area makes him an ideal teacher for any business leader.

Huyler holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, while also playing for the baseball team.