CHRISTOPHER MERLA, is currently the Chief Operations Officer for a private financial services firm operating in Houston Texas supporting Investment Advisors and personal wealth management clients nationwide. Christopher is educated in business management and finance with over 15 professional years in the Financial Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor sector. Through education, experience, training, and licensing, he has acquired proficiency in financial risk assessment and M&A growth strategies.

As an analytical innovative communicator, Christopher brings a strong interworking and knowledge skillset to Core Events in way of implementing company operating systems to strengthen the core components of any business. He looks to bring forth the core values and focus of a company to seek their true vision and accomplish their long-term goals.

His current experience also focus’ on analyzing the constructs and inter-workings of small to large companies and create innovate solutions to implement operating systems for leadership teams to work on the business instead only working in the business.